Rotary CoderDojo 2015



Date: Sat 11th April 10-12

Location: Hilton Hotel Ballroom, BelfastCODERDOJO GROUP PIC

In partnership Rotary International in Great Britain & Ireland CoderDojo Belfast and Belfast Metropolitan College are having a one-off Dojo at the Hilton Hotel where we will have 200 ninjas from North and South attending with their parents and mentors.

It is a one day event which brings together teams, fromCoderDojo’s all over Ireland who will demonstrate and present their coding skills, apps, websites during the morning. This provides an opportunity for team building, practicing communication skills, and problem solving.  We hope this will be the first of similar events to take place over the island of Ireland over the coming years.

We will have key note speakers and presentations by President of Rotary Great Britain and Ireland through the morning along with some other special guests.

Registration is open to all, existing CoderDojo Belfast members and new members alike.

The format of the day will be a show and tell session to begin with followed by a 1 hour session in AppInventor introduction. NOTE: You must bring your own (Windows) laptop pre-loaded with Chrome and AppInventor 2 Ultimate.PAUL LEE Presenting 3D at CODERDOJO

For further information & registration please see:

We are also currently looking for sponsors to fund the event. If you may be able to assist in sponsorship please email

We also require mentors for the event – if you can make it please book a mentor ticket on the above website.

“The intersection of contrasting organizations can produce powerful results and given the stature of Rotary it is a delight to speak at the conference and present the youthful enthusiasm of CoderDojo so that both organizations may thrive working together in the future. CoderDojo, as a free movement is an ideal fit for the businesses of many Rotary members who seek deeper engagement in a good cause with their local communities.”

Bill Liao, Co-Founder CoderDojo


The event is supported by Edina.

Edina are proud to support such a wonderful youth event representing young people North and South of Ireland – “Happy Programming”.


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